Beauty Methods for Cleaning of the Skin

Beauty Methods for Cleaning of the Skin

Beauty Methods for cleaning of the skin:

Here we come with another topic of beauty methods. The most common procedure performed in the offices of cosmetic surgery skin treatment. Regardless of skin type everyone feels the need to periodically clean the skin and remove blackheads mainly. Skin cleaning treatment is initiated with a thorough face cleanser.

Cosmetic make-up remover uses milk, gel or foam. After washing your face it’s time for a complete analysis of skin – skin and cosmetics sets watching what additional treatment beyond cleaning can do. If the client has chosen a simplified procedure to the analysis of facial cosmetic moves to the next step. If the skin that requires peeling is done.

Type and condition of skin:

Depending on the type and condition of skin peeling may be granular, or a homage enzyme. Cosmetic surgery can make the amplifying effect of the so-called peeling. brushing (brushing). After peeling cosmetics applied on the face mask (or cream) having a softening skin. Puncture must be done very carefully so as not to be seen then traces. If it is necessary, it should not be abused beautician needles. Sometimes used to remove blackheads is a device called a teaspoon of Anna. This kind of sticks ended spoon with a hole or loop – easy to remove blackheads from inaccessible places.


After removal of blackheads and ilia is any point disinfected pimples or natch stab places. Now a full-face can be used with anti-inflammatory preparation, calming redness.

  • The next step is the treatment carried out is a device that produces a high frequency current. Under the influence of this current is generate is in the tissue of the minimum amount of heat. The operation of this apparatus is to calm the skin after the procedure, which is the type of massage, and excellent skin disinfection with ozone. During the treatment you will feel the tingling, stinging light, sparks and the smell of ozone.
  • If it is necessary to enhance therapeutic effects (for example, cell or seborrhea) may be used in addition cosmetic surgery. If it has such a device to apply cosmetics and cosmetically placed on the skin using ultrasound.
  • The next step in the treatment of skin cleaning is the imposition of appropriately selected attenuating mask. This lamp has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, soothes the cell. Observe that the eyes are well covered during the exposure. I also remember that on the eyelids and eye creams and impose additional cooling compresses.
  • After washing off the mask beautician uses a soothing tonic and impose appropriate to the type of skin cream. If the skin is red, or are still traces of this point must necessarily be applied soothing preparation, correction redness. At the end of the treatment, you can ask for a make-up.

Some beauty salons:

Some beauty salons offer devices that are designed to support or even replace manual cleansing skin treatment.

  • The first such camera, which a few years ago appeared in the offices of the Vacuum-Spray. It is a device that works by suction blackheads. From my experience, this is not a very effective treatment, few blackheads can be removed in this way, in the case of sensitive skin or vascular surgery too intense can cause damage to blood vessels.

Much more effective treatment is ultrasonic capitation. There are a few cameras that use a spatula to a variety of ultrasonic facial treatments. Ultrasonic peeling improves skin’s appearance, however, many people with oily skin is much pollutant cannot be satisfied the effects of the treatment.

  • Another camera that beauticians use to skin cleansing treatments are apparatus microaggression. For this type of treatment are used, crystals of corundum. The procedure involves removing the surface layers of the epidermis. As a result, the skin becomes brighter, cleaner and smoother. If a microaggression treatment is to clean the skin is performed only on the surface.

When selecting a method for purifying  skin cosmetic directed primarily skin needs, the requirements of customers. In UK, the most popular treatment traditional manual cleansing skin.

Cleaning should be done as regularly. Determine the frequency of cosmetic treatment depending on skin type and individual.

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