Ideas for a Small Party at Home – Steamboat, Catered Cooked Food or BBQ?

Ideas for a Small Party at Home – Steamboat, Catered Cooked Food or BBQ?

When you are considering a home based food event or gathering, there are several ideas that come to mind right away. You could always have the event completely catered with per-cooked food. That is convenient and classy, for sure, but it is also a bit formal and usually pretty pricey as well. You could also go with BBQ, which is a traditional favorite. This is much less convenient, has no formality factor, and can still carry a high price tag depending on what you want to BBQ. And then you’re manning a grill during your event which may or may not work for you.

Another choice, and certainly of growing popularity becoming one of the most popular and fun meals to have outside the family circle, centers around the steamboat or hot pot. Since all you do is make sure to have food prep done and pots of hot broth or soup ready to cook the ingredients, it is pretty simple to pull off, all things considered.

However, food prep – as simple as it sounds – is time consuming unless you are a trained chef and can crank out a thousand cut veggies in a matter of minutes. This is where you might think of having a steamboat delivered to your door, instead of doing everything yourself. This way, your guests are getting a hot, fresh meal without you having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen getting everything ready.

Happy Pot Steamboat is a terrific alternative to you doing all the back-breaking prep yourself. They offer a one-stop type of steamboat delivery that is no hassle – quick and easy, and you can’t beat their prices, either. Everything from individual Ala-crate items to packages that pull it all together, plus a variety of per-cooked food, accessories, and drinks are available to round out your table offerings.

With a huge selection of veggies and meats available, you are sure to find everything that your family and guests will love to dip in the hot broth to cook and then their dipping sauces to eat. It makes for such an easy and fun meal, everyone has been taking advantage of the deals from Happy Pot for their home events. While less formal than a catered meal, the traditional steamboat brings a certainly formality of its own with it being steeped in each Asian country’s culture.

With the Ala crate offerings from Happy Pot Steamboat delivery, you get soup stock, and then just about every offering you can think of from fresh green onions to pickled baby corn, a variety of mushrooms, several types of greens, fish balls and fresh fish, pork, beef or chicken, wontons, imported salmon, Alaskan snow crab, premium abalone and much more to choose from. Or you can choose from packages that are casual or meat based or seafood primarily depending on what you prefer to serve. You will even get skewers, ladles, steamer ladles, and more all geared to make your party successful.

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